Coaching Services

Business Performance Coaching

Clarify goals and define strategies to develop  your business.

Executive Coaching

Enhance and develop your knowledge and skills to reach your full potential.

Business Performance Coaching

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you move forward when you work with a business coach.

Business coaching is founded on the belief that you and your team have the skills and knowledge to define the future of your business and to make it happen.

Sandra will work with you and your team to clarify how you can ensure your business is fit for the future.

She will help you identify where you need to make changes to develop your business and then agree goals. Once these development goals are agreed, Sandra will work with you to create an action plan to move the business forward in a systematic and achievable way.

Continuing to work with Sandra will help to ensure that you achieve these goals.


Increased confidence in building the business

A clear vision for the future

Greater focus and clarity about your role in the business

Strategic goals and a plan to achieve them

Renewed enthusiasm for your business

A more energised and committed team; working to their full potential

Executive Coaching

The demand for executive coaching has increased as the demand for improved performance and greater productivity has increased.

Executive coaching is an investment in your personal and professional development.  Working as your executive coach, Sandra will provide you with ongoing support as you identify your strengths and areas for development.

Executive coaching helps to clarify your values, what inspires you, your role within the organisation and your vision for the business itself.


Increased self awareness

Greater clarity and focus

Alignment of your goals with company values

Development of your leadership skills

Improved confidence in your leadership style

Improved working relationships

Less resistance to change

Career satisfaction