Management And Supervision Courses

Effective Leadership and Teamwork

Who is it for?

Supervisors and managers who want to develop their people management skills.  This course aims to ensure that new managers do not feel thrown in at the deep end and expected to perform efficiently without training.

This course will introduce delegates to the skills involved in good leadership and teamwork.  Delegates will prepare for and develop their role through team building, agreeing realistic targets, delegation and motivation.

2 days


Identify the characteristics of a good leader

Manage and lead teams

Identify positive motivators for their people, individually and as a team

Delegate tasks effectively to get work done, develop the skills of their team members and free themselves for other tasks

Manage performance

Appraising and Feedback

Who is it for?

Line Managers who appreciate the role appraisals play in developing talent and managing performance and who want to know how to conduct an effective appraisal.

If you have your own appraisal forms these can be included in the training.

0.5 days


Understand the benefits of performance appraisals

Write clear, concise objectives

Provide staff with motivational and developmental feedback

Running an Effective Meeting

Who is it for?

Anyone who has responsibility for leading and attending meetings.  This course will show you how to ensure that your meetings are productive and meet their stated goal.

0.5 days


Plan and prepare for the meeting so the points are covered effectively

Understand the role of the Chairman and be able to run the meeting

Tackle problems that may arise as a result of discussion within the meeting

Ensure the minutes taken reflect the discussion that has taken place

Understand the importance of and be able to produce an agenda